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Spring Cleaning Soul Cleaning.

Updated: May 5, 2021

Imperfection is perfection and living with uncertainty allows for the flow of the unknown.

Full. Blown. Creative. Block.

As an artist my mind is in a constant civil war with itself.

"Is Art just frivolous?" Answer: "NO!"

"Can Art heal?" Answer: "YES!"

"Is anything worth the effort?" Answer: "YES!"

My own creative dead-stall paired with the paralyzing hatred spurned by the "Kung Flu" propaganda has stilled my brain and hands. Just numb. Not ennui, just numb.

I fostered an ember of optimism with the beginning of 2021. A new year, a new hope, a new President, however the antics at the Capital on January 6th, left me even more disheartened. Such maddening, all I can feel? No it must not be so!

I designated April as my personal recharge month. Daily meditation and exercising have always worked for me in the past. Added to that, I stayed off of social media, cleaned out and organized my painting studio, as well as emptied closets at home and donated unused items. I also dumped unnecessary photos and documents on my "vintage" iMac. And getting my COVID-19 Vaccine is a plus, right? Yet the weather in the Rocky Mountains in the Spring is fickle, leaving few days to be outside for fresh air and riding my bike with John, my husband, or as he likes to call our bike rides an "Air Shower." Gloomy days kept me inside, painting at my studio, and wondering "Where the hell are the Asian Lives Matter March?" How can someone beat up an elderly Asian person(s)?" WTFF! What is going on and why even paint.

May has arrived, crocus begin to poke up, Spring divorces itself from Winter, and I completed three new paintings. I must separate myself from the madness. Pain and confusion exist everyday, everywhere.

Why I am a visual artist:

I control my canvas, because I can.

I control my brushes because they are part of my body.

I choose my colors because I see the world in all color.

I will create because I am good enough, and because I also belong in this world.

- Pia Pilar Reynaldo

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