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Midwest Musings Road Trip Across Middle America.

Malicious Whispers 24 X 36 inches. Acrylic Painting and Paper Collage on Canvas.

The heat and humidity might be unbearable for some folks. It wears like a cloak of shit, an annoying remark, and a malicious whisper; its temperature rising as the heat of the sun shines endlessly. Look around, birds fly joyfully, butterfly's spirit their wings, sprinklers anoint the garden and grass, as kids carousel around the water.

The humidity softens my skin from the mountain dryness, and removes the dust of hypocrisy that has been thrown from my face.

I took a breathe, after finishing my latest painting, "Malicious Whispers," my husband, John titled for me, knowing the feeling of my painting. These words are from people dead to me, their words are hollow. They can no longer hurt me. Incarcerate yourself.

We embrace a new chapter and a new journey in our lives. Sharing of truth and love abound with my sister and her husband Jake.

Home is where you are. We are.

Malicious Whispers woven paper on and acrylic paint on canvas 24 X 36 inches.

Malicious Whispers cut out paper on and acrylic paint on canvas 24 X 36 inches.

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