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Artist Statement

To express an idea or concept through art, one must have the ability to actualize that thought. It seems, now, it has become difficult for me to actualize a plan or intention to create art that in the past came without doubt or difficulty. The current state of the world is at my front door. To walk through that gateway, knowledge absorbs me and changes my approach to painting.

As an artist, being alone is part of the journey to conceptualizing ideas in creating art. My work evolves as do I, in a quest to interpret my ideas that I have about myself and the world I live in. 

Horizons and nature are an abstract snap shot. Each of my paintings is different, with those two themes present. In some way I am searching for a sense of my own chaos and neatness. When your early life is disrupted and has no alignment a person becomes obsessed with the definition of placement or existence, correctness, right and wrong.


And in that, my paintings are at once a glimpse at the present as well as the past.

Acrylic paint in mixed media art book
Acrylic paint in mixed media art book
Acrylic paint in mixed media art book
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