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Nisus / nahy suhs / naming.

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Solitude's Expectations 60w x 48h x 0.75 inches

OMG, this one was truly an endeavor! With all the lunacy of the past few weeks, coupled with the inauguration of our new President and first female Black and South Asian Vice President (Yahoo Bitches!), this painting was has had as many layers as our recent history.

I'm speaking about the layers of color and the many diverse strokes of paint, applying different brush widths and sizes. It was a f%$king labour of love and pure emotion. You can scroll to the right and back to see the very beginnings of this painting which I started two days before Christmas.

Creativity goes on and on and on and on......never stopping only evolving and exploding into colors, words and music.

Wearily ; ) Yours,

Oops I Spilled Paint Studio

PS: See video below

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