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Second Layer and First Layer. My First Blog EVER.

Scroll to the right to view the first layer. This painting is still a work in progress. Size of canvas is 60w x 48h x 0.75d inches. Layers upon layers of acrylic paint. I was listening to David Sylvain's song "Let The Happiness In", on U2XRadio as I sat in the front passenger seat while John (my husband) drove me to my painting studio. There's a line in the song that stayed with me.

"Listen to the waves against the rocks

I don't know where they've been

I'm waiting for the skies to open up

And let the happiness in

Oh, let the happiness in"

Before I paint I usually have a thought and an idea of colors, shapes, strokes and an image from a photo. But the words from that song kinda played upon my feelings and toyed with my mood, pulling truth and sensations. My brush strokes danced. The colors melted like lovers pushing away and pulling close to each other.

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