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Desert, I'll Have Seconds...

Joshua Tree is the First Getaway Trip Since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the United States in March 2020. Since then, racism has risen and a hate for the Asian American Community is growing in response to the last president's remarks with the Pandemic and China.

Sometimes living in a "World Class Destination Resort", is not all it is cut up to be. Really? For real! But wait, I do enjoy having the access to a great ski mountain and winter and summer activities that make living in the mountains joyful. I do not enjoy the predominately White, wealthy, narrow-minded patrons who parade up and down the promenade with their designer labels displayed from head to toe. It's shameful. When the world is finding the meaning of humility and learning to be humble after 4 years of insult, I find that living in "the bubble" is infuriating. Read the fucking news and embrace it! While the tourist clientele is preening up and down the main street adorned in their clothes made in China, and store owners are stocking up on merchandise made in China, the Asian American Community is being targeted and silently cowering. We are not an outspoken people. But this is my platform. A while back I found out that a local (he is a white male), had called me a take out girlfriend and a mail order bride. For those of you who are white, your should be ashamed of this behavior.

That being said, when my husband (who is of Irish descent), and I left for our first anniversary "glamping" getaway (glamping was my idea), we had barely gone 80 of our 700 miles when I felt an overwhelming, invisible burden lifted from me. As the miles passed and U2 played, a spark within me developed into a flow of creativity, till at last, I found myself in Joshua Tree with my art supplies and blank papers.

The juxtaposition of using water colors in the desert made me feel ALIVE! To see a a sunset in all it's glorious colors fed my soul. Campsites full of families from across the globe (wearing masks), was invigorating. No wifi, no cellphones and no news was delightful. Unplugged.

Smiling, smiling, smiling in the desert I felt a calm and saw that the world's diversity in color is beautiful, and so is the potential of human beings.

Thanks for stopping by. And in the words of RuPaul, “If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else! ....Amen!

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