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3 Ingredients for Life: Light Space Time

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Light Space Time Online Gallery: Helping Today's Artist Market Their Art.

Even though today is my anniversary with my husband, I woke in a fog that has been smothering me for what seems years. From the political clime to social injustices, my funk has been deep and profound. A restless night, coffee, emails ... the minutia of the day; day in, day out. Coffee and an email from LightSpaceTime

( I'm so f#$king sure I didn't get into the competition but I'll look anyway) Hello Hello I made it! OMG the sky seems bluer and the air is crisp and fresh, in fact, this is the best cuppa joe I've had in, well, forever! I don't crave applause, I've been painting on my own long enough to not need that. However, knowing that someone took the time to at look my work and accept it as good enough to compete in this year's Light Space & Time 12th Annual "Abstracts" Online Art Exhibition is a reward that drowns out all applause. Thank you Chris Hoffman at Light Space & Time Online Gallery. Also, a big shout out to Renee Phillips, The Artrepreneur Coach, who expertly advised me to enter my works for this year's Light Space & Time 12th Annual "Abstracts" Online Art Exhibition.

My painting "I Was Called A Transfer Monkey" is slotted in row 25, fourth from the left, no.124/165 artists as it appears they listed entrants alphabetically by first name. Kindly, click on the link below and scroll to the section "Special Recognition".

"I Was Called A Transfer Monkey" (description of painting)

In 2017, I had worked for a woman, who owned boutiques in Colorado. As I was leaving the store to take newly received merchandise to another store, she referred to me as her "Transfer Monkey" in front of fellow employees and customers. As a woman of color, this racist comment stuck with me and cut me to the bone. The painting is expressing my anger and disgust at being labeled and unappreciated by an ignorant white person. It took me a month to digest her comments as I showed up daily to work, and then one day I just walked out without notice. Since then I have dedicated my life to painting and transferring negative energy into creativity. Thank you to all my fellow artists and non-artist friends, and especially to my husband who have encouraged me to start painting my truth and my story.

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