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Oops, I'm on the Telly.

An interview at my Oops I Spilled Paint Studio with NBC 9News Matt Renoux.

(Click on the above link for the interview)

John E. Donovan (husband), decided to become my Don Draper, Mad Men PR Guy. John Hamm, who played Don Draper in Mad Men and my John are kinda similar. They share the same name and they're both hockey fanatics. John Hamm's St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup in 2019. My John cheers on Les Habs.

After finding out that my artwork was selected for "HerStory 2020-2021" an exhibition of art by women presented by the Manhattan International Arts ; John decided to contact Matt Renoux from NBC 9News to schedule an interview with me the for "HerStory", and shoot a video clip of me painting. People who truly know me, understand that I paint to express and communicate. The medium of television was not something that I had ever thought of and, in truth, I was scared.

The evening before I laid in bed practicing pushing my tongue against my teeth so I wouldn't lisp, and I meditated so that I would speak slowly and not stutter by repeating peace, harmony, laughter, love. I wish I could have called my Speech Therapist I had in the third grade at Underwood Elementary School (Wauwatosa, WI), when Analog was cutting edge, Tiger Beat was on my bedroom floor, and I rode my bike anywhere and everywhere to avoid speaking to anyone and everyone. For those of you who are reading this and can relate, Nixon was on TV, my mom cut my hair, and I only wore corduroy pants. My Speech Therapist would have told me to read a few comic books slowly before speaking. After a totally sleepless night of tongue pushing and meditating words, Matt arrived the next morning at my Oops I Spilled Paint Studio and put me at ease.

After Matt walked down a rather drab hallway, he was pleasantly surprised by my colorful studio. As he set-up we chatted and before I knew it, Matt had begun shooting! I am more than pleased to have this experience under my belt and behind me...and to, hopefully, inspire other artists that wonder if the limelight will ever shine their way.

This is Pia Pilar signing off from OOPS HQ, back to you.

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