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Who Am I


I have a B.A. in Graphic Design with emphasis in art studies. I couldn't pursue a masters in painting because I needed to work and make money. But creating art was always there for me. So I just painted in-between jobs.


I finally became a full-time visual artist in 2017 after a mortifying experience and mistreatment involving a past boss, who referred to me as a "Transfer Monkey." I dedicated a painting to this experience. You can see it in "New Works".


Today, I create abstract paintings in the genre of abstract art and abstract expressionism. I work mainly in acrylic paint and have also worked with mixed media - applying other tools and materials to create unusual textures. My style is expressive because I have endless energy, and that is why I paint abstract art. I have a painting studio that I set up during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Isolation is part of being an artist.


I had my first group exhibition and first ever to show my work at The Other Art Fair Chicago 2019. I sold two paintings. I learned a great deal about logistics, and that it is very expensive to transport artwork. I also learned about the business of art, and those who work in the art industry. I have displayed my paintings in Colorado and have had some success in selling my work. It is a slow and fulfilling career. You must try and work everyday at your art. 


I have a very loving, supporting, and understanding husband who knows that being a full-time artist is a one person job. In his own right, my husband is talented and wicked intelligent. He grew up in Colorado, Alpine and Nordic skiing, and hunting in the Rocky Mountains. He held professions as an English Teacher, Ski Patrol, Angler, and Shakespeare Aficionado. He plays goalie for a group of retired NHL players and local hockey heroes. He is learning to play the guitar. He bought me a cello because I wanted to learn how to play it since I was a kid. He titles the majority of my paintings (I think all of them), otherwise I would name all my work as "Untitled". He is my best friend, teacher, and confidant. I would be lost without him.

Biking through the Golf Course_2018_3635
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